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Investment Planning & Management

Investment management should be an outgrowth of your financial plan. The best designed investment portfolio can be destroyed because of inadequate emergency cash reserves or an unforeseen life event that wasn't insured against. We are long-term investors and ascribe to the principle of not only diversifying investment assets, but also investment strategies.

Our Investment Management service includes building a custom strategy based on your goals, needs and time frame, and covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments. We use a combination of account types and strategies to meet your unique needs.

We use professional third party money managers who oversee your money 24/7. Our role is to “manage the managers” in seeking to help make sure their objectives and performance are consistent.

To create a custom investment strategy, we employ the following tools:

Personal Profile

Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences and emotional tolerance for risk.

Investment Policy

An agreed upon plan for how your money is to be managed in general. Matches your needs for accumulation, versus income or perseveration, along with the appropriate amount of risk, to help determine a suitable strategy.


We don’t follow the herd. We do our own research, using a variety of independent sources.

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