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Asset Protection

There is nothing worse than working hard all your life to accumulate a comfortable retirement only to have it disappear due to a long term illness, health catastrophe or prolonged legal battle.

Even worse is to have Uncle Sam become your largest heir. Our Asset Protection Service essentially combines the Insurance Needs Analysis and Estate Planning services above into a “mini plan” whose sole objective is to protect what you’ve built thus far, and continues to protect what we will accumulate together for you in the future.

For those clients wishing to leave a legacy that represents their values, we help create a thoughtful, flexible estate plan to direct your wealth according to your wishes.

We work closely with your CPA and Attorney when working on your estate plan. For those clients who do not have an attorney or CPA, we recommend professionals in our area with whom we’ve had the professional pleasure to work*.

You can simultaneously take care of your heirs if something happens to you today, while seeking to build a pre-determined, targeted amount of income during retirement.

After taking advantage of any employer sponsored plans, instead of putting away funds on tax-deferred basis, and paying taxes later at an assumed higher rate during retirement, clients can opt to pay taxes now, and let the balance of their account accumulate until they can take it out Tax-Free. In addition, because different investments are taxed at different rates, clients can achieve “tax diversification” in this manner.

An Independent Resource – We stand ready to assist you with a wide variety of options.

*You are under no obligation to use the services of any of the entities referred, and may choose any qualified professional to provide tax and legal services. These entities and their services are not affiliated with Old Dominion Asset Management.

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